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 Rules for the discussion forum! ALL READ!

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PostSubject: Rules for the discussion forum! ALL READ!   Sun Oct 25, 2009 3:03 pm

This is supposed to be the serious part of the forums! Therefore I want people that post here to be serious and type posts that actually has a meaning. This means that if I say... made a post about rabbits, and I asked what food it needs/likes... I don't want replies like: Give it watar and cakes... Muffinz are also gud.

Try to be serious in here! We are supposed to discuss events that has importance on society today, and discuss some problems that might come in the future.

1. Critize not flame! Do not harass other peoples views and opinnions. If you disagree then do not just say "You and your opinion suck" but try and elaborate on WHY you think their meaning is wrong!

2. Respect other peoples beliefs and culture.

3. Length and quality asured posts. Take your time while writing posts, look over your grammar and check your sentences. Things that you write may mean other things for people in other cultures.

4. Respect and keep the guidelines as posted above.
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Rules for the discussion forum! ALL READ!
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